We suggest you arrive a few minutes early to check in on one of our kiosks and enjoy our calming and private waiting room. Your therapist will come get you from the lobby and walk you to their office.

Your first session will be an intake assessment, during which your therapist will likely ask a lot of questions about your background and what brings you to therapy.

You can contact one of our providers directly to set up an initial appointment, or you can contact our matching team to help you find the right therapist.

Each provider will have their own cancellation policy. Please check with your provider regarding their policy.

Ethera is open during evenings and weekends. However, each provider sets their own hours, so please check with your provider.

Our mission is to increase and simplify access to mental healthcare. We are working diligently to partner with insurance companies so that we can offer more accessible services.

In the meantime, please check with your provider to see if they are in network with your insurance plan.

If you have out of network benefits, your therapist can likely provide you with a superbill. You can submit superbills to your insurance company and request reimbursement.

We believe that therapy can be a powerfully transformative experience. Whether you are experiencing a depressive episode, struggling in your relationships, or just wanting to learn more about yourself, we have therapists that can help you. Therapy is all about choosing to focus on yourself and take care of your well-being.

When therapist and client are aligned, magic happens. Research shows that the alliance between therapist and client is one of the most important predictors of success in treatment. Good fit, better progress, great outcomes.

You will be talking about all sorts of things with your therapist – oftentimes, sensitive topics come up during therapy. You want to feel comfortable with the person you are opening up to, which is another reason why finding a good fit is so important

A good match depends on various factors including personality type, therapeutic style, and therapist’s focus and specialties. We learn about the issues you’d like to work on in therapy and match you with a therapist whose area of focus and specialty align with your needs. We also take into consideration your preferences and find a therapist whose style and personality might match with you.

Think of it like dating – sometimes you connect right away and other times, it takes a couple of dates to build that bond. After a couple meetings with your therapist, reflect on how connected you feel to your therapist and how comfortable you feel with them. Also ask yourself if it feels like you are progressing toward your goals. Feel free to check in with your therapist from time to time to discuss your therapeutic relationship – it can be an incredibly meaningful conversation!

Our team will work with you until we find the right therapist for you. We will take your feedback about the previous match and use that to further refine our therapist matches for you.

If your questions weren’t answered here, please send them to hello@ethera.org.