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Ethera Connect is a new way to begin your relationship with a client

Ethera Connect | Connecting Therapists With New Clients
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*currently only serving Southern California

How Ethera Connect Works


Tell us about you

Take 5-10 minutes to complete our application and record a quick voice message that helps us better understand your private practice and the type of clients you work with.


Client requests a match

We notify you when a client that fits your profile requests a match.


You apply to match with the client

If you believe that you are a good fit for the client after reviewing the client's case conceptualization, then you can easily apply to match with the click of a button.


We send your info to the client

Using our proprietary scoring system, we score each therapist who applied to match with the client and send the top-scoring matches to the client.


Connect with the client

We help you connect with the client directly.

What Providers Are Saying

“The matching system with Ethera has been so great for my private practice. For me, ‘fit’ is key and the client referrals I’ve received have proven to be a great fit for my therapeutic approach. Ethera takes the time to know their members and spend time assessing a client’s needs, which is so important.” 

Jennifer Reza


It’s been great to receive clients in such an effortless manner; so much of what would be covered in a consultation has already been addressed, making the decision to work together that much easier.

Sara Cameron


It is so refreshing to have a say in which clients I match with. Instead of filtering out so many clients inquiries due to scheduling or rates, I get to decide who I want to match with and that in and of itself has made the first connection with the client stronger.

Jennifer Kim


"There's so much therapeutic importance on the therapist-client fit. The referrals I've received from Ethera's matching service have been the perfect fit from the start."

Robyn T.


Why Ethera Connect?

Quality Client Referrals!

We are not an advertising platform or a lead generation tool. We actually care about matching therapists to the right clients. We do this by spending the time to qualify client match requests and give you the info you need to decide if the client is right for you. Think of us as your therapist colleague who is providing you with a referral.

Save Money!

There is no cost to join the Ethera Connect network. Ethera Connect is a free service provided by Ethera, a new co-practicing community on a mission to empower your private practice. Learn more about Ethera here.

Fit Matters!

Studies have shown that Client + Therapist Fit, or therapeutic alliance, is one of the most important factors in therapy. Many times, the therapeutic alliance is a better predictor of outcomes than the actual treatment method. Ethera Connect goes beyond simply filtering therapists by price range or type of insurance accepted. Ethera Connect attempts to help establish a more meaningful connection between client and therapist before the therapy starts, which may lead to a stronger therapeutic alliance.

Referral opportunities from like-minded professionals


You must be licensed in the state of California as a licensed psychotherapist or registered associate under supervision of a licensed therapist. We will be verifying that your license is active through your licensing board.

*If you have received any disciplinary actions, your application will require further review. 

Ethera Connect is currently a free service for both therapists and potential clients. Yay!

Absolutely. You operate as your own independent practice, so you set your own rate and your own schedule. Through Ethera Connect, you are actively choosing the clients you want to match with, so it is up to you if you can work with their budget. That way, you can grow your practice on your own terms.

No, that’s completely up to you. If you do not accept insurance, you can choose to match with clients who are able and willing to pay out of pocket. If you do accept insurance, you can match with clients under the insurance plans you work with.

We take pride in the quality of our matches, and we also want to give you the opportunity to engage actively in the matching process. So through our matching system, it can take up to a week to get matched with a client after you apply for the match.

We take into a number of factors into consideration such as demographics, specialties, therapeutic style/modality, personality traits, etc. We also ask the client to rate how important those factors are to them. This helps to ensure the most precise matches based on our unique scoring system that goes above and beyond just matching answers. The subtle and sometimes intuitive clues that inspire the matches are not lost in our scoring process, which often leads to a better client-therapist fit.

Whatever you’re comfortable with—you call the shots. We want to empower you to take on only the clients you want to work with, and this includes what type of sessions you provide.